Your Legal Leg UpLegal Self-Defense Products

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Your Legal Leg UpLitigation Bundle (pdf)

Everything you need to understand debtlit_forms_man[3].JPG litigation and defend yourself from the debt collectors. Newly Revised Litigation Manual and Forms.

Delivered via email. 



Motion for Summary Judgment Defense Pack (pdf)

A battle-tested response to an actual motion for summary judgment. Not cut and paste, but models you can use to understand and attack the debt collectors motion in your case with language  you can use that really works. Delivered via email.



Motion to Compel Discovery Pack (pdf)

Tired of getting brick walls in response to your discovery? You can make them give you the information and documents you need to win your case. This motion to compel pack contains the information and language you need to win. Delivered via email.




Motion to Vacate Default Pack (pdf)

Coming very soon!

Fight Back Newsletter (pdf)

Coming very soon!


Your Legal Leg Up™ Litigation Video Series (CDs)

This is, in many ways, the premier product of Your Legalvideos.jpg Leg Up. If you learn better by video, or if you want to see how to address many of the issues that might come up in a typical debt law case, this is the best product for you. As one person put it: 

You have GREAT videos!!  There’s something about seeing the videos and hearing your voice that makes the material all the more easy to absorb!

The Video Series includes the Litigation Bundle and covers many more issues that might arise. Shipped as pictured via USPS Priority Mail within 2 days of payment. Postage and handling are FREE.



Special Issues in Debt Litigation (pdf)

Although debt litigation is not a complicated form of law, there are many complicated or tricky issues that come up. This book goes through most of those issues to give you a better understanding of the debt law process. It is interesting, but it is designed to work for you in your defense. Delivered via email in pdf format.



Report (pdf) (coming very soon)

Got Debt? First of a series of reports on the debt collection process – an overview that helps you start preparing for litigation at an earlier, more effective, time.

Post Judgment Collection Second of a series of reports on the debt collection process. Explains the four main types of property seizure and how to protect yourself.

Considering Bankruptcy Third of a series of reports on the debt collection process. Explains the costs, risks and possible benefits of the bankruptcy process. Will give you an understanding of the way the bankruptcy process work.

Memberships (coming very soon) 

It starts here.


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