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I love to hear from people who need help defending themselves from the debt collectors. Although I cannot give you legal advice, I can certainly help direct you to sources of information and encouragement. Please contact me at or by leaving a comment here.


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  1. TK


    First of all, thank you so much for providing a lot of helpful info on how debt collectors operate and why it’s important to take a stand against them. I’m seriously thinking of ordering your package, however, I have a question for you. I was contacted a few weeks ago by a debt collector and foolish me, admitted to them over the telephone (while they were recording the conversation with my permission) that i owe this alleged debt. Well, just last week, I received a summon on this alleged debt. My question is, do i have any chance of winning now that they have my admission recorded. Will they win automatically, regardless of whether i take a stand against them using your advice in your package? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

    • yourlegallegup

      An admission like that is not an “automatic” victory for them, but if they really did record it, you will have to explain it away. If you were called by a debt buyer, this could be easy – there’s no way you would ever know whether you owed a debt collector any money. You might just trust them for purposes of the conversation. BUT – you would have a much easier time, in the future, NEVER to admit anything to debt collectors. They don’t have the proof they need, usually, and you must make them provide it.

  2. Joe Smith

    I think that it is sad that you want to make money off people that are in debt, by making collections representatives look like bad people. You are going to make them purchase a package from you for your help? I am a debt collector and I do my job to truly those in need and help them get back on track and well as help to make a positive impact on reporting current w/ credit. I do not get paid a percentage of what I collect only per hour that I work. You have for the abuse that collectors due to people, well I want to talk about the abuse I get. I do believe that if someone makes a debt they do owe the debt yes, however when I call someone to collect that debt being very kind. I have been cussed at, screamed at, threatened to come and rape me and even threatened to be killed and cut up into pieces. Though all of that we are excepted to remain calm, and polite. I have not seen anything that protects the abuse that we as collectors get everyday, in fact somedays I am treated so poorly that I just sit there and cry. I do hope that you will take into consideration the collectors side of the story as well, we should never have to fear for our life. And I really do feel that you need to change your outlook on a debt collector, because we are not all bad people. And I would also like everyone to think about how they treated the collector on the other end of that phone trying to help them, were use also nice, did you start screaming and cussing at the start of the call?

  3. yourlegallegup

    Joe – Thanks for your comment. Unlike some, I do not call all debt collectors “scumbags” or similar names. Debt collectors, like other scavengers, have their function. But as an industry yours is an extremely abusive, obnoxious and invasive one, and the people you contact are NOT on an equal footing with you – they are being harassed by you and your company. So I do not sympathize with your tears at the end of the day very much. Rather, I sympathize with the people whose day you interrupt. Most debt collectors do get compensation based on what they collect (for what it’s worth), and debt collectors are notorious for trying to disturb and outrage the people they are harassing. That’s why the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act came into being.

    And that said, I never encourage people to abuse debt collectors because, ironically, that invests energy and feeling into a phone call which should, normally, simply be ended as quickly as possible. It is best, in my opinion, for people being harassed by debt collectors to end the conversation without saying anything at all – unless they desire to receive no more phone calls – in which case that is the only thing that should be said.

  4. Karen Bruno

    I owed about $38,000. The long and the short of it is that I lost my job and could not pay the debt. For the past 5 years I have lived without an address, without mail, making cash and with no credit cards. I still have a bank account with only about $100 in it. I still have a cell phone. The creditors have quit calling me and it’s about a year (maybe more) since I have had a call from a creditor. The statute of limitations where I live is 6 years. Here’s the question: I want to move to another state (the SOL is still 6 years) and I might have to get a “real” job. What are the chances that that my creditors will be able to find me? I still plan on having no address, no mail, no landline but I know if I get a real job that my SS # will be out there again. Will they be able to find me through my SS#?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    • yourlegallegup

      They COULD find you if they really wanted to, but the chance of them doing so is very slim. There are just too many of these debts around for them to be very vigorous about pursuing.

  5. Shirley Proctor

    Hi Ken

    This is Shirley I am working on an Answer to a Summons from Portfolio Recovery. Their Summons and Complaint seem a little different than the one I had last year. It has the Complaint, Jurisdiction, Count1 Breach of Contract, Count II Account Stated and Count lll Unjust Enrichment.
    This third Count threw me off. Would you happen to have a sample of one like this in the members section? I want to make sure I submit my Answer and Counterclaim correct. Thanks

    • yourlegallegup

      Good question, and yes, there’s a sample unjust enrichment claim. But you would treat it the same as any other, denying everything most likely.

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