About Your Legal Leg Up

Ken Gibert, Advocate for people being sued by debt collectors

Ken Gibert


My name is Ken Gibert.

I founded Your Legal Leg Up as a business in 2007. I had been representing clients being sued by debt collectors for years and had come to the conclusion that (1) there were far too many people being sued that I would never be able to represent; and (2) most people, given a little bit of help, could represent themselves.

I looked around to see if anyone else was trying to help debt defendants with what they needed to represent themselves, and I couldn’t find anything. So I stopped practicing law and devoted myself to doing that. My web site is YourLegalLegUp.com, and you can find the materials you need to protect yourself from the debt collectors there, from free information to the Litigation Manual and Forms. Please take a look.


One response to “About Your Legal Leg Up

  1. shirley stanford

    Hey Ken its Shirley stanford….tryinng 2 contact you. Call me at 314-333-1114.

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