Beat the #debt_collector by taking contr

Beat the #debt_collector by taking control of your case. About knowing what you’re doing.



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2 responses to “Beat the #debt_collector by taking contr

  1. rick daniels

    Hello, I am pretty clear about the debt collector affidavit. But Could you talk about what elements to look for in the original creditor affidavit. what specific things it must show

    I have an affidavit that reads: based upon review of chase records, which records are made at or near the time of the occurrences set forth therein by, or from information transmitted by a person having knowledge of those those matters, and kept in ordinary course of chases business. How do I determine what date is meant by at or near the time of the occurrences set fort therein. And why couldn’t this person decide how he received this information.Thanks for all your help , User

    Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 01:20:48 +0000 To:

    • yourlegallegup

      What this really means is that the person writing the affidavit has no idea about any of it. But the challenge is going to be to prove, in court, that this is so. You will do that by submitting questions via interrogatories, asking which documents the person looked at and to identify all sources.

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