Are Debt Collectors Harassing or Threatening You?

If you are being threatened with a lawsuit by debt collectors, or if you are already being sued, I can help you defend yourself. And it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

(If you’re in a hurry, you can go directly to my web-site: The site has a lot of free information that can help and is also the way you can get the YourLegalLegUp Litigation manual and assorted forms that you will need to defend yourself in court.)

If you are being threatened with a lawsuit by a debt collector, you should know that the collector is serious, they probably will sue you if you do not pay, and if they sue you you won’t have much time to respond or hire a lawyer.

You should also know that third-party debt collectors are almost never able to win a collection law suit if you will defend yourself with a little energy and knowledge. It won’t be cost-effective for them to pursue you, and they’ll probably leave you alone and agree to cancel the debt if you know what to do. My litigation manual will show you how to do this. It isn’t hard.

Here’s the way it starts for a lot of people. I hope you’re not one, but you could be–debt collectors are suing millions of people per year on old debts, new debts, canceled debts, even debts that never were–You get a knock on the door. It’s a sheriff or deputy or private investigator who wants to “give you something.” Even if you close the door and walk away empty-handed, you’ve been “served.” The company can now get a judgment against you and raid your bank accounts or garnish your wages if you don’t fight back.

On the “summons” which is the legal form attached to the “petition” or “complaint” which says you owe the money, the summons tells you that you have about ten days (sometimes a little more) to file your answer. And you are expected in court on a particular day or you will “default.”

You’ll probably be scared. That isn’t much time to hire a lawyer. It isn’t much time to do anything, and they don’t tell you you can ask for and get more time (you can). Without help you’ll be trying to figure out where to go or who to talk to. You’ll wonder whether you can afford a lawyer to defend yourself or even whether you can defend yourself, and many lawyers will suggest you can’t. Even if you’re being sued for several thousand dollars, legal defense can be prohibitively expensive, and not many lawyers are familiar with the laws involved. I was a lawyer representing clients in this area of the law for many years, and I often found my clients had been misinformed by other lawyers, so I know.

You do have enough time to get my Litigation Manual, read the appropriate parts, and do what you need to protect yourself. It won’t cost much, and once you know what to do you will feel far more confident and comfortable. You’ll be able to make the debt collectors go away and leave you alone.

To get the litigation manual, go to my web-site at For more information, visit my site or stay tuned to this blog. I update it frequently with tips and suggestions.


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