What Is “Debt”? Who Is Suing You?

What is debt? This almost seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But it is not.

“Debt” is money someone claims you owe. Notice that you might not actually owe the money in the normal sense of the word. You may never have borrowed it in the first place; you may have paid it off or had it discharged in bankruptcy; or the debt might not be valid for any number of reasons (for example, it could be an invalid finance charge). But if a company is suing you for money it claims you owe, you are being sued on a debt.

In general, two groups of people could sue you: the actual creditor who claims you originally owed it money (for example, a bank or merchant); or you could be sued or otherwise harassed by a “third-party debt collector.”

Third-party debt collectors are people or companies who buy claimed debt for pennies on the dollar and then try to collect it through harassing phone calls, threatening letters, or lawsuits. You have probably never heard of the third-party debt collector before, and most collectors choose to collect debts under a  variety of changing names. What makes them “third-party” is that they never had a direct relationship with you before the debt they are trying to collect. This also makes it extremely likely that they will not have the documents or other “evidence” they will need to win the lawsuit and force you to pay.

A lot of times even the original creditors will periodically destroy (or lose) their records, making it impossible to win a lawsuit against you and force you to pay.

You never know if you don’t make them work to win the suit. Go to my website at yourlegallegup.com for help in defending yourself and saving a lot of money.


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