Welcome to Your Legal Leg Up

I started this blog as a continuation of my efforts in my website: YourLegalLegUp.com.

I practiced law in St. Louis city and county (federal, state and local courts) for almost fifteen years, the last several of which were focused almost exclusively on debt litigation.  During this time, I noticed a few things of great significance.

(1) Debt cases are usually pretty simple and could be defended against by ordinary people;

(2) a large majority of debt cases can be won by the defendants.

(3) most defendants do not defend themselves from these suits either by themselves or with lawyers, so

(4) most defendants lose their debt cases and are saddled with large debts they could have avoided if only they had tried to defend themselves; and

(5) I was uniquely situated to help people defend themselves from these suits.

I founded YourLegalLegUp.com in response to this opportunity, and my mission is to protect ordinary people from being taken advantage of by the debt collectors.



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2 responses to “Welcome to Your Legal Leg Up

  1. virginiae3

    I need help, my husband is being garnished by a company we have never heard of, wwe have never been seved legal papers by any one from this particular company, what can we do

    • yourlegallegup

      In a situation like this, you need information. Start by looking at the garnishment papers you were served. They will tell you a court case number which comes from the judgment against you. Go to that court and look up the case. Look in the file. The file will tell you what happened. Probably you’re going to find an affidavit by someone claiming to have served you the petition. If it really didn’t happen, you should consider filing a motion to vacate the judgment and the default. Then you’re going to want to defend yourself. Take a look at my site at yourlegallegup.com for help.

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